Give yourself a break

Does this time of year often make you feel pressured, anxious, guilty and stressed?

Here are 4 tips to help you take back control this month. 

1: Give yourself a break. Acknowledge negative feelings and know that they are normal and that you are too, for having them. Write it down or speak it out with someone you trust. Don’t carry it alone.  Be kind to yourself and give yourself a break.

2: Keep it simple. Remember this festive period is only for a moment. This moment, like others, will pass. Meditate on the true meaning of this time. The 'simplicity of the stable' always helps me to focus and keep calm. Think of an image that works for you.

3: Do not put yourself last. Keep up your good routines and healthy habits. For some it is, exercise, reading a book or catching up with a friend, for others it is extra minutes in bed. If it is helpful to you, keep it up. As well as looking after everyone else, it is as equally important that you look after yourself.

4: Ask for what you need. Don’t feel you must achieve this on your own. Accept offers of help or contributions to the table.  Remember, store bought is fine. We are not all going to be Nigella or Delilah, sometimes we should accept who we are and know that we are more than enough.