The experience of being heard

I have always loved connecting with people. I didn’t understand the power of being connected, until I experienced being truly heard. Not just with ears, but with the listener’s heart, their mind and the knowledge that I was the single focus of that moment. I have come to realise being listened to and heard is a cherished gift.

Can you remember back to a time when someone genuinely heard you and responded with compassion, understanding and support as you tried to make sense of it all?

The work I do with clients is about hearing them and taking the time to truly understand who they are and who they want to be. Through counselling I help them understand that they deserve and can reach whatever it is they are trying to achieve and support them on their journey to succeed. 

This is because I believe everyone matters and deserves to succeed. I believe we are not defined by our past or our now, instead we should be defined by who we are.

Regardless of our beginning, I believe we can all positively influence the direction of our life. It is sometimes difficult to do – but does that mean we should dismiss or doubt what we dream of or believe in?

It is as simple as this