Counselling and psychotherapy can help you overcome your concerns and support you to achieve positive objectives.

It can help you improve your relationships, emotional well-being and personal confidence. This can lessen the effect of anxiety, stress, depression or other symptoms you might be experiencing. 


Individual counselling


At your sessions you will experience a safe, confidential and caring environment to talk about yourself and any issues that are causing you distress. Working one to one helps you understand those concerns privately, away from your daily responsibilities. This can have a positive effect on you and the relationships that matter in your life.  

Couple counselling


You and your partner will be able to explore ways of resolving any issues that are concerning you. It is an opportunity to nurture areas in your relationship that you feel need support or attention.  These sessions can be used to tackle difficult subjects, resolve conflicts or strengthen intimacy. Whatever your needs, couples counselling can give you the room to move forward in your relationship.


Online counselling


If you are unable to attend face to face sessions, online counselling may be a good option for you to access the support counselling offers. It is ideal for you if you work or live outside of Suffolk or have difficulties travelling. Online therapy follows the same principles as meeting face to face. It provides a safe and confidential space to talk about the issues concerning you. 

The Town Lane project 


Workshops designed for individuals and groups. Creating the space to engage positive discussions around identified subject matters and needs.  The discussions give you a forum to explore being the best you can be, in a relaxed and safe environment..